Primary Counselling Solutions

Free 10 Minute Consultation

The session will be an opportunity for us to talk through the counselling contract, for you to ask any questions, and decide whether I am someone you feel comfortable in talking to.  

We will talk briefly as to why you are seeking counselling/psychotherapy at this time and what you hope to achieve from it.  There is no obligation for you to take things further, however if you do decide you would like to commit to the counselling, further sessions can be booked at this stage.  

It is a good way of alleviating any apprehension you may have, with no commitments and a warm welcome.


50 Minute One Session Solution- £40 per session

Introducing ......One Session Solution. Providing Counselling at point of need - working through the immediate issues affecting your life, without the need for long term commitment. 

 We will work Collaboratively to effectively provide the support and solutions you need.

Strong evidence shows that many people receive sufficient support from a single session, together with the offer of future single sessions if needed.

Utilising the FREE 10 minute consultation to ensure suitability, the single session solution can be just all you need.


30 Minute Video/Phone Session - £30 per session

A safe, confidential and welcoming therapeutic space for adults to explore their current thoughts, feelings and behaviour. 

These could be work related, relationship matters, family issues, low mood, anxiety - talking therapy can help immensely and we will work together to make positive changes for your future.

We use an integrative counselling approach, enabling bespoke interventions that are designed collaboratively with the client to best suit their needs